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[Error: unknown template qotd] A couple of people have echoed stories from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark - and when I was a youngling, oh, they scared me. The pictures are fantastically gruesome looking as well. They're still a ton of fun, and to this day I love those books because they aren't lightweight little books for little kids.

Also, when I was .. maybe in the 9th grade, I read (I think) The Haunted. At the time, it scared the bleedin' hell out of me so much I couldn't even finish reading it - I kept thinking a demon would rush my bathroom and hallway and do unmentionable things to me if I closed my eyes, so I stopped reading it. Being the kinda girl I am now, I should pick it up. I find it mildly amusing that the family is still living on the property - and honestly, I think the Warrens are full of shit.

Aside from those two titles, ghost stories in general don't scare me. I love a good ghost story, and make it a point to watch or read anything I can get my hands on about them.

Now, that doesn't mean I don't scare myself but good sometimes. I remember fairly recently (within the last year) that I was roused out of sleep by this ancient woman just staring at me. She wasn't glaring or saying anything, but there was hatred radiating from her. I freaked the fuck out, and grabbed protection - I reached for my cellphone, flipped it open, and shone it's light to where the creepy old hag was - and she wasn't there. Now, I know that people I'm ..er.. familiar with like to scare me, so I don't know if the hag was a figment of my imagination (a dream) or something else entirely. The ghost that DOES reside here, Tom, died in the hallway (and I've heard him moving around, coming to my door .. he's even knocked a time or two.)

But yes. We loves the ghosties, and only creepy old bats scare me.

... I do think it's mildly embarassing that I reach for a stupid cellphone to protect me! 
(Maybe I'm addicted to my cellphone?)

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