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What I cannot Love, I overlook.

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Birthdate:Nov 27, 1979
Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States of America

Everything I am.

36. {11.27.1979; Sagittarius/Scorpio Rising; Sheep Goat. Very much fire/earth driven.} Loves animals, especially cats. {Kibblegiver of 9 cats and 2 dogs.} Family motivated - Married. 1 stepson fully grown, 1 daughter (18). HHA to my mama, who is disabled. Looking to get IUI in 2014, provided the Mayans don't kill us all. (Looks like we're a go!) Loves to cook, loves to bake. Food blog coming back online in 2014, maybe. Pagan, but not obnoxious about it. Loves the supernatural and is a natural believer, but trained to be skeptical. Liberal socially, moderate economically. Has an unhealthy obsession with owls and dragonflies .... and Michael Fassbender. Oh my.

{¬,¬} {ಠ,ಠ}
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"It's true, you are a good woman. Then again, you may be the antichrist" -Doc Holiday, Tombstone.

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